Interviewing Skills


Preparing for an interview is very stressful. Minimize stress by being prepared. I created a list to help you identify what employers look for in a meeting. Some are common sense. However, there are times that individuals do not follow any rules and not get the job offer. After following these recommendations, I can’t guarantee you will get hired. But, you will be a contender. Prepare, and you will see results.

1. Research the Company, the person who is interviewing you and the job opening
2. Gather Interviewing questions and responses
3. Look great, dress professional and dress for success
4. Be punctual, this means five minutes before your scheduled time
5. Be confident, pleasant and focused
6. Listen
7. Research behavioral questions and prepare for them
8. Don’t appear desperate
9. Remember that interviewers are human too, have a conversation
10. Ask engaging, sincere questions
11. Never discuss salary on your first meeting
12. Be thankful, I’m old school I like the handwritten note cards, but emails are acceptable

* It’s natural to feel nervous, do not smoke or drink coffee that day. Practice breathing exercises, and if you prepare, that will help you calm your nerves. Call me if you need coaching on this matter.



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