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Start Meditating With These 2 Simple Steps

You have tried to meditate, but your thoughts get in the way. You can’t seem to stop the chatter. The good news is that you will be able to meditate, it is far less complicated than you think. I was like you at one point of my life, but I can meditate 30 minutes in the morning, and it all started with ten minutes a day.

Experts say to reduce stress or improve on focusing on a task practice as little as five minutes twice a day. Dr. Craig Hassed a general practitioner and past founding president of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association, says “two short meditations of five minutes each or longer at the beginning of the day or early evening, can serve as moments of stillness to punctuate your day.”

When I decided that I wanted to have less stress in my life, I looked into meditation. At times I feel stress, but I have found a way to deal with it better. Yes, it’s hard. But, there is a way. I have asked my clients, friends, and family if they meditate, and overwhelmingly, the answer has been the same. “I don’t have the time,” or they say, “I can’t sit still for an extended period.” What you need is the will and the desire to start.

Do you have ten minutes in the morning? Can you wake up a littler earlier? If the answer is no to these two questions, then you must find time in the evening. My simple techniques are, pay attention to your breathing and focus on appreciation.

Step 1 - Intentional Breathing

Find a quiet place. You can sit in your favorite chair, sit on a mat in the lotus position with your back straight or you can lay down. However, if you lay down you might fall asleep and then you are no longer meditating. I recommend sitting in your favorite chair in the beginning. After you find a comfortable, quiet place, close your eyes and breathe. Set a timer for five minutes. Now, inhale and breathe and focus on your breathing. When the thoughts come in, don’t ignore them, let them be. When you find yourself thinking again, put your focus back on your breathing, to master this skill takes time, do not give up. After the five minutes are done. Open your eyes slowly and enjoy the solitude. As time passes, increase your breathing time. Attached, you will find breathing exercises from a website. Practice, as time goes by you will get better. Meditation toolkit.

Step 2- Practice Appreciation

You have accomplished five minutes of intentional breathing, and you are a bit more relaxed. Now, take another five minutes. Set the timer and sit quietly and start appreciating. Enjoy the things that make you smile, give thanks. Find the good in all of your situations and appreciate. Giving thanks and that sense of appreciation opens up a new level of satisfaction that allows you to feel happy. What a better way to intentionally give thanks, not just randomly, but intentionally. Check out the Quiet Mind Cafe for more tips on meditation.

In summary, those ten minutes of intentional meditation will help you reduce stress and make you feel better. I like to start my day with these two exercises. But, I know there are individuals that prefer the evening right before going to bed. Whichever one suits you, start. Everyone one needs time for themselves and a way to recharge. I hope you found this helpful. Try not to expect instant success.

Enjoy another one of my favorite videos from Brendon Burchard. Release Meditation Technique.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2mY36Ho1Sk Which one would you pick to Meditate in the Morning or Evening? Tell me by commenting below. Have a fantastic day, Coach Barb www.coachbarbcares.com

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