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3 Tips On How to Spend Quality Time With Your Family

What does quality time mean to you? The importance of spending time with the family is priceless. Sometimes we get flooded with emails, texts, TV, phones, and we think we are in sync with our family, but we are not. Put the devices down and be present with your family.

Families are all different; some are two people, some five, some four and some are way more. But, the size doesn’t matter. Let’s work together to lay out a plan to start to enjoy what we call our family. Family time is the most important event we can have. How many of you struggle to create some great quality time? We have new commitments, our jobs, some of you have kids and to put it all together it takes real creativity and harmony. But, first, you have to set the environment so that it goes smoothly and as planned.

I enjoy quality time. But, we all have different likes and expectations. For instance, for me, quality time is to be able to benefit from the day with my better half and enjoy a great meal. Visit with my parents, invite my brother over and spend a lovely time with them. That to me is very rewarding. But, I understand many of you have a spouse, kids, and siblings and it sometimes becomes a task.

My attempt here is to help you create a plan that will work for you. What do you like? There are many things to do that will open up those doors to let all of your family members enjoy themselves and share what they like together.

1. Plan

It might sound weird at first but plan it. I recommend a family meeting, take everyone into consideration and plan a day out. Anything could come up, a place to eat, a day at the park, a movie, anywhere.

2. Have Rules

Have rules, for one hour no phone. Take a shoe box and turn off all of the phones and put them together. Have real conversations, enjoy the moment now. See your daughter's smile, your sons grin, your husband's eyes and feel your joy. I understand that the hardest task here is to put that phone down.

3. Agree

So, come to an agreement with everyone and find a time. That will help. I understand that not everyone has a spouse or kids. But, do this with who you call family. A sister, a brother a best friend anyone. If you have someone that you would like to spend quality time with, do the above. Enjoy other people's presence with you.

In summary, In today’s world of technology, it’s hard to know what actual quality time is. Put the device down, take the time to enjoy nature, enjoy a smile, enjoy life. It’s all worth it. Because in the end, we will only have the memories. Go out and make some memories. Have fun and do it with love.

What’s your idea of quality time? Share with me by commenting below.

With Love,

Coach Barb


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