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How To Turn Your Negative Emotions Into Positive Emotions In Three Simple Steps

The experience of negative emotions surrounds us on a daily basis. It’s true; we have all felt wrong at some point. What can we do about it? There are hundreds, if not thousands or more articles on this topic. But, it’s always refreshing to hear one more. Let’s tackle the negative emotions and turn them into positive emotions together.

The blame game. In the past, I would blame everything and everyone about my negativity. The first to get blamed was my PMS. Oh boy, my PMS was bad, It was not pretty. The bloating, the mood swings everything just spiraled into one big hot mess. Negative emotions would just flair up, Anger, Anxiety, Frustration, Sadness. Sometimes for no apparent reason, but other times positively unable to control external events. How did I overcome such madness? I want to say that age is a factor because now I’m entering menopause, but that’s a different story altogether. The one big factor is that I stopped the blame game. I realized that I couldn’t blame others or anything for my negative emotions. I had to search for positive things focus on them. I will share with you how I did it.

Barbara Fredrickson, a Social Psychologist, did research on Positive Emotions. She suggests that positivity is the mindset that helps produce emotions such as Joy, Amusement, Happiness, Serenity, Gratitude, and Inspiration. The mind is powerful, and if you learn how to take control of it, you will experience less of the negativity that surrounds us. How I did it. First, I took responsibility for my actions. Second, I became aware of my thoughts. Thirdly, I read and listened to positive and inspiring materials that allowed me to take control of my current situation slowly. It’s hard. But, not impossible.

Take Responsibility

That’s right you are responsible for all of your actions. Why not start small? I did. I no longer blame anything or anyone, I am fully responsible for the way that I feel. It’s that simple.

Be Aware

What are your thoughts? Stop the negative loop, be aware of what you are thinking. Make it a game, try to catch yourself when your thoughts go the wrong way. We will never stop thinking negative. But, we can reduce the thoughts that lead us into dark places.

Get Inspired

I once heard someone say that motivation is garbage. Is it? I don’t think so, by getting inspired and repeating beautiful things to yourself will help you get out of that nasty feeling of negativity. Get inspired, read motivational books, watch videos and get that jump start on being positive. It helps. So far my favorite is Brendon Burchard, check him out. He helped me when I first started this journey.

In summary, it sucks to be around negativity. Whether it’s people, your thoughts or situations. It’s not fun. Start small and build momentum to find that happy place. Share this post on your social media sites. I want this to be a fun and exciting spot to share our thoughts and feelings. Have a fantastic day. Much Love.

How are you going to turn your negative emotions into positive emotions?

Be Bold, Courageous & Strong,

Coach Barb


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