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3 Simple Tips On How To Sleep Better Tonight

Many times people approach me and ask, how can I sleep better? They have a hard time falling asleep or wake up in the middle of the night and are unable to fall back asleep. The major common problem of insomnia. The Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine defines Insomnia as a common sleep disorder defined by nighttime and daytime symptoms. Night time symptoms include persistent difficulties falling and/or staying asleep and/or non-restorative sleep.

Personally, I do not have issues falling asleep. I consider myself very lucky. But, there have been times that I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep. Has this ever happened to you? It can be very frustrating. I am going to share with you what I did personally to help me with my very light insomnia. However, I did some research to help you get help on a more deeper level. I will include the link for you to study as well.

I understand that if you are experiencing insomnia, it can be very challenging to get a good night's rest night after night. Many factors play into not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep. You can be a worry bee, that over thinks and remains stuck in the turmoil of your thoughts. You can be the person that has to watch TV or play with your Tablet right before going to sleep. Or medication, you could be taking a drug that is keeping you up at night. I can help with the tips that have helped me in the past,

Follow these three steps to help you fall and stay asleep. First get rid of distractions before going to bed. Distractions can come in many forms; the television is one of the main culprits that can be keeping you from getting a good night's sleep. The bedroom should be a restful and peaceful place to enjoy your sleep. I sincerely haven't had a TV in my room for about twelve years now. It sounds extreme, but it works for me. Second, when you put your head on your pillow do breathing exercises. And Lastly, quiet your mind by reducing the number of negative thoughts that are creeping into your mind.

Reduce Distractions

Remove anything that can distract you, like your cell phone, your tablet, your television. You can attempt to read a chapter or a couple of pages of your favorite book. It’s up to you, but turn off your electronic devices and see what results you get. I know this is not easy, but try it for one week and see if this makes a difference.

Breathing Exercises

Your electronic devices are off, and you are wondering how am I going to fall asleep. Close your eyes and start doing breathing exercises. Breath in slowly through your nose and count to nine and release slowly through your mouth and count to nine. Breathe in and slowly release breathing out. By getting relaxed, it will eventually help you fall asleep.

Quiet Your Mind

Now you should feel a bit more comfortable; it is time to quiet the chatter going on in your mind. Acknowledge the thought that is coming in and says to it, “you are not supporting me right now, I am letting you go and deal with you later.” It sounds silly, but what you are doing here is stopping the repetition of a constant thought and not letting it into your subconscious.

In summary, like I said, in the beginning, I tend to be very blessed when it comes to my sleeping habits. But, I know that a lot has to do with what I do before going to bed that allows me to rest. If you feel that your problem is beyond removing distractions, practicing breathing exercises and quieting your mind, I recommend that you contact your primary physician and get medical advice. But, first, give it a try it won't hurt.

Share with your friends! Until next week...

Coach Barb, C.P.C.

What do you do to get a good night’s sleep?

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