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How To Start Decluttering To Feel Free, Happy And Powerful

Many things in life contribute to your wellbeing and having the essential can be one of them. The one thing that I admired and learned throughout the years is that accumulating things is not necessarily always good. Clutter will practically make your world very crowded.

Many years ago I started looking around my home and noticing things. Have you ever had the revelation that you have one too many of anything? Sure, it’s ok to like something and buy it. But, why did I have over two hundred pens? It sounds sick I know, I love pens. It took me about twelve years to remove the pens out of my life. That’s not the only indulgement I had. I had one too many shoes, clothes, kitchen items, books. You name it; I had not one but many. My journey has taken my family and me to what many would call extreme, from downsizing to the point of selling a four bedroom house to living in a two bedroom apartment, to selling our cars and taking uber or Lyft to our desired destinations. It’s a bit extreme I know, but it works for us, and we are super happy. Only do what works for you, just find what makes you happy.

Does your house have a favorite drawer? What is a favorite drawer? The one drawer that everything goes in. It’s usually in the kitchen. Do you? I had a favorite drawer in every home. That’s where I started my quest to declutter my life. Now, close your eyes and picture your home for one instance. Look and notice what you are feeling. If you get anxiety when you imagine all of your things it’s time to start decluttering. If you are blessed enough that your house is impeccable, and you are happy, great that means that "you got this." Keep on imagining every room until you get to the one that needs decluttering. Examine your closet, what haven’t you worn in the past year? It might not seem if you need that spring cleaning, but you will feel energized, happy and free when you let go of your good, under-appreciated stuff. Get excited, start small and free yourself. Check out Greg McKeown’s video on Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less - here he opens our understanding to having the essential in our lives.

Start Small

Like I said before, start with a drawer then work your way through all of your drawers in your house until you complete all of them. How I started was evaluating every item. I asked myself, do I want to keep this, donate or sell or throw it away? If I decided to keep it, I had to find a place for it right away. If I wanted to donate or sell it went into a bin. If it was to throw away, it went directly into the trash. The key was to start small and view every item with purpose. It works, I do this all the time now, and I’m continually re-evaluating all of my belongings. Remember the key is to feel happy and free. If you are happy the way things are, there is no need to change. If you feel anxiety when you see a big mess, it’s time to declutter.

Know The Why

Evaluate the why you are keeping the item. It’s ok to revisit because you might want to change your mind. The why is critical. Know the why. There are many reasons why we keep things, let the reason bring you value.

Sell or Donate

It’s time to have fun with this, go into the bin with all of your items to give or sell and make that decision. Regardless of your choice, you will feel better. It feels great to give to someone that needs, and it also feels great to turn your treasures into cash. It’s up to you. Don’t feel bad that you didn’t donate. Feel good for the things you did decide to give. To be quite honest It felt great to sell a couple of items on eBay, and our fun weekends with our garage sales but I also felt so much joy when I gave my valuables to family, friends and the veterans. It’s up to you, remember do what makes you feel happy, that is the goal.

In summary, now you started small and ended up with less stuff. I believe in finding that happy feeling, it’s a powerful spiritual awakening that I discovered, and I want to pass along to everyone. Why do I consider decluttering a part of having a positive wellbeing? When you look back to see your progress, you will feel free, happy and powerful. It's that simple.

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Coach Barb

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