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7 Useful Signs That It Is Time For Change In Your Life

Want to know what you and I have in common? Change. We all have the ability to change. In Fact, we all must change to evolve. But, one thing I know is that it is not easy to welcome change in our lives.

I have been experiencing change for about twelve years and counting. I have moved more than 13 times in twelve years, I have lived in Spain, New York, Miami and I don’t anticipate for any of that to change anytime soon. Or do I? I have changed careers, and I have followed my gut every time. I know when it’s time for a change. It is time for all of us to know the signs and learn how to embrace it for our benefit.

Why is change so hard? Remember that you need to make a decision and stick to it. But first, how do you know that it is time for that move, or to work on your marriage or walk away from it. These are hard decisions but if you are feeling any of the feelings below, take the time to revisit your situation and work towards a solution. If you find it hard to make small or big changes, I recommend you listen to Brendon Burchard on “How to Make Change Stick.” on this video he shares with you how to make the changes. And I will review with you, how to identify the signs to know when it’s a good time for a change. They go hand in hand. Enjoy.

1. Gut Feeling

Have you ever had your gut nudge at you? I have, and it’s not a good feeling if you ignore it. When you get the gut feeling, evaluate it and work towards making it, you will feel better.

2. Negative Space

Analyze what you are currently doing. Is it taking you into a negative space? Are you getting angry? Are you becoming jealous? If you are experiencing negativity around you, it’s time to consider a change.

3. Scared & Excited

This one is a transforming sign. Because if a thought of a change is scaring you and exciting you, it’s time to consider it. For example, you are unhappy at work, and it scares you to start your own business, but at the same time, it excites you. Consider it and make those necessary plans to move forward. You won’t regret it, but make sure to do your homework and have a clear intention, but work towards that change.

4. Comfortable

Are you comfortable to the point that change is not in your plans? You have your apartment or house, the kids, and your job. If feels safe and it doesn’t make sense to learn about finance and how to properly invest your money. You are playing it safe. It’s time to consider a change to transform and grow. If you are in your comfort zone, get out now. Learn new things and do them.

5. Crying

Do you weep before going to sleep every night? The situation that you are in is making you miserable. It’s time for a change. Modify the way you are viewing your situation and change your environment. It’s ok to feel sorrow or pain, but do not dwell on it every night, do something about it. Create and learn different ways to help you out of your difficult situation.

6. Emotionally Lit

You are currently thinking about a venture that you want to do, but it’s a huge challenge? When the thought of the challenge lights you up emotionally, it’s time for a change. Do it. If you fail, so be it. Start over again. But, take that step towards your greatness. If your emotions are giving you the signal, it’s time. Follow that impulse and make that change.

7. In a rut

You look around, at work, at home with your family. It just feels that you are in a rut and nothing feels right. Stop. Take the appropriate measures and make changes. Do what makes you happy. Sit and write down all of the things that brings that happy feeling and do more of that. It’s hard I know. But, it’s not impossible.

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.”

Jack Dixon

In summary, these are common, you’ve heard them before. But, take the time to know your true self. Strive for that happy feeling and become a happy soul. I do it daily. I am always willing to change. I share with you what I do and what makes me stronger. Want to work on some powerful strategies to help you make a change? Contact me for a coaching session.


Coach Barb

How do you know it’s time for a change?


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