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The Top 5 Benefits You Get By Being Disciplined

Why be disciplined? Being disciplined allows you to be more productive and have a great sense of wellbeing.

I am disciplined. Those that know me know it’s true. I kept going and learned how to navigate through the world of technology to accomplish my writing goals. I am happy to know that being focused and having the willpower to keep learning has made a difference in my life.

Do you consider yourself disciplined? Remember that nothing worthwhile comes easy. To go for what you are aiming for takes great focus and determination. Below I will share with you the top five benefits you get when you are disciplined. Use this with any area, fitness, work, hobbies, learning a new skill. We are all different and have different goals. One thing we have in common is we need self-control to acquire success. Robin Sharma, a Canadian writer on discipline, digs deep into the meaning in a scientific way. Enjoy his article on How to grow self-discipline.

Push Through Problems

You are stuck and can’t seem to find the answer. By being disciplined, you won’t stop and discover the solution by not giving up. You push through problems hitting your aim time and time again.


Pushing through and seeing positive results keep you excited. That’s what I call hitting your project on the sweet spot. Like hitting a tennis ball right in the center of the racket. The sweet spot.

Stay In The Game

By keeping on your journey and working through you will remain in the match. Staying focused allows you to start, continue and complete what you started. By being disciplined you will play to win.

Develop Essential Skills

What do you want to learn? By being disciplined, you will discover new tasks and develop critical skills. Keep at it and find ways to improve. Learning is fun.

In summary, for those of you quietly making progress keep at it. Keep learning new things and soon you will optimize your performance. Discipline is a habit.

Be Happy,

Coach Barb, C.P.C

Do you have a hard time staying disciplined?

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