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How To  Overcome The Top 5 Excuses Keeping You From Being Successful

Do you have an exciting new goal? It can range from starting over in your life or opening up your business. We all aspire to get better and feel happier. But, what is keeping you from getting started and making a difference? Your excuses.

I am guilty. I have fallen into the trap of making excuses. I have excuses that can fill up an entire building on why I don’t exercise. I knew I had a problem. I don’t feel like it; I’m too tired, it’s raining. I would do anything to stay inside. But, now I am walking thirty minutes a day. It feels good to break through the walls of endless excuses. It’s not CrossFit, but it feels good to get moving.

Today I will help you bust through your excuses. I understand that you are busy with different things and we all feel the pressure. You are juggling your job, family, commitments, pets, school functions, chores and the desire to do something more. I get it; you’re busy. So let’s get started.

1. Tired

Why are we always saying that we are tired? To overcome being tired you have to take a look at your daily routine. Are you getting enough rest? How's your diet? Stay away from sugary foods and junk food. Eat a balanced meal and rest when your body is asking for rest. Don’t let this excuse take you down. Besides, if you are not getting excited, your goal is not exciting enough. Analyze your daily habits and make the proper changes.

2. Busy

Everyone feels overwhelmed with what they have on their plate. The best way to overcome this excuse is to prioritize. Schedule your tasks, do what matters first, be willing to start earlier to get more done. If you still feel the stress, then you need to go back and delegate where you can. Remember, your goal is to make room for that dream or the life change that you desire. You can do this, make the time.

3. Not The Right Time

It’s never going to be a perfect time. Just start, what is it? Are you planning on investing your money for the future? Start. The key is to start with what you have, don’t second guess. Do you need to begin a new project? Start small, make a list of everything that you need and just do it. There is no better time than the present.

4. Scared

What is your fear? The best things come out of being scared. The reason you are afraid is that of the unknown. Break free from excuses and give it your all. Walk away from the toxic relationship, write the book that’s inside your head. The way to get out of that fear is by facing it. Take a deep breath and move forward, you can do this.

5. Lack of Knowledge

You have an idea, you did your research, and now it’s time to start. What is stopping you? Oh, that you don’t know how to work the editing program or run your own business or live on your own. There are countless excuses for not knowing how to do something. Don’t quit now, learn. Buy books on the subject, Google it, watch youtube videos but get started. Go and ask someone that knows what you want to learn. Put in the time to learn and make a difference.

In summary, excuses are a form of distraction. Getting distracted prevents you from achieving your goals. Stop yourself when you are making excuses. Move forward and keep at it. In the end, you will be happier.

Coach Barb

What’s the number one excuse keeping you from your goal?

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