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Top 5 Reasons To Believe In Your Spark

Like a match, we all have a small spark inside of us. The way to keep that fire burning is to believe in yourself. Have you ever felt excited about a project to the point of euphoria? Then it slowly died? That’s because the spark went out.

I believed in my spark, and I am trusting to see the fire burn. It’s funny how writing this blog helps me see all the sparks in my life that kept on burning and the ones that just quickly turned off. For example, the time that I imagined myself as this great graphic designer, that was a long time ago. And I let that dream die. Why? I didn’t believe in myself. I see now that I learned a lot from my classes and even though it was a long time ago, It made me realize that I let that spark die.

Do you still have that one spark? Let it burn and keep at it; you will feel powerful. I was inspired to write about our little spark with Evan Carmichael's video on Start with a spark. Watch it.

1. Passion

When you feel the impulse to move forward with a project, that is your passion, do it. Find the resources to help you build on that. Keep a journal and write down what comes to mind and work towards it. Keep it to yourself and let that fire burn deep inside of you, while you create and evolve.

2. Confidence

That one spark that created the passion builds your confidence. Be confident about what you are doing, keep going and grow to fulfill your deepest desires. Believe in it and stay at it. Do you feel confident about your current project?

3. Ideas

You have the passion; This is your reality. The ideas start to flow; it's time to build your momentum. Write everything down; it doesn’t matter how silly it sounds. Keep that journal flowing with your creativity, and soon you will see the flames from that one little spark.

4. The Game

By believing in your spark, you stay in your game. What is your next move? Is it to take a course? You will know, it’s a matter of knowing what your gut is telling you. Just keep at it. Stay focused on your goal and your next move. Take small steps, but don’t ever stop. It is better to do a little every day towards your goal than to stop and pick up at another time. Stay in your game.

5. Barriers

Break barriers. Don’t listen to the haters. There will always be a hater out there. Break through it, that is why I suggested keeping your plans and excitement to yourself. Do you tend to share your goals with everyone? Don’t. That is a sure way to put out a spark. Keep track of your ideas, stay confident and keep that fire burning.

In summary, this post burns deep inside my heart. I believe what I just shared with you. Stay active, feel the fire burning and let it start with just a spark. Hope you enjoyed my post today, share it with your friends on social media. I appreciated it.

Much Love,

Coach Barb, C.P.C

Do you believe in your spark?

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