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How To Overcome The Lack Of Productivity

You are busy and also distracted. What are you going to do about it? Let’s face it you need to be productive to get ahead in today’s world. I’m not saying busy; I am saying productive. There is a difference.

This past week I decided to do research and gather great content for you. I stumbled across several youtube channels and some interesting blog posts. But, one YouTuber stood out. His name is Evan Carmichael. I enjoy his content. He’s bright, witty and generous with his work. I watched his video, “Best Productivity Hack. "It left me thinking, “am I productive?”

You have choices, and it better be good ones. Today I will share with you what I learned from my research. Evan creates impactful videos; he puts together his content with different celebrities to motivate and inspire. I will share with you the video that resonated with me; I encourage you to watch it, learn from it and get inspired.

Below you will find the seven productivity hacks that will help you become a person of value and be able to make an impact in whatever you decide to do. Here is my takeaway from the video.

Create Space - What I learned from creating space is that you need room to grow and to be. The space you create for yourself is what you choose.

Take Ownership of your life - What are you doing first thing in the morning? In this segment, you learn how to take control of your day right from the beginning. Start with engaging with yourself to get ready for your day.

Choose your priorities - It is important to choose the right tasks. Ask yourself, “how is this going to help me?” Learn how to prioritize.

Create an environment of Total Focus - Paying attention to your environment. Creating a place that allows you to grow and be present. Brilliant.

Learn what is high impact - Stop judging your work too much, keep at it and release what is not functioning along the way. Don’t stop just keep going.

Just do one thing - Are you a great multitasker? Stop. Concentrate on one thing and be good at it. This one is hard for me.

It’s all about your mindset - Create a morning routine that creates a spark to have a productive day. Design your day. This advice was my favorite. How do you start your day? I meditate to start my day with purpose.

I invite you to watch the video and pay attention to your daily decisions. What are you choosing to do with your day?

*Credit - Evan Carmichael Youtube Video

In summary, I will continue to learn and grow. You matter to me; I will share what I learn, and how I’m doing it. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff coming your way. Don’t forget to Be Bold, Courageous and Strong.

Coach Barb, C.P.C.

*Transforming one heart and one soul at a time. Don’t forget to choose #Happy.

What do you do to stay productive?

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