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5 Tips On How To Communicate With More Clarity

We all understand an excellent communicator. Why? Because of their delivery. It takes hard work to communicate clearly. How do you communicate? Do you find yourself having to repeat the same thing over and over again? It’s probably your delivery. Let’s dive in and explore how to improve your communication skills.

I remember when I first came across Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a Worldwide speaking club that focuses on speaking and leadership skills. There I learned many things about communication, and it helped me with my confidence and my delivery.

My blog consists of wellbeing topics and having excellent communication skills can improve your overall wellbeing by increasing your confidence. Below I share with you five tips that will help you speak with more clarity.

Slow Down

Pace yourself, the way to pace yourself is to be aware of your speed and slow it down. Excitement can get you speaking fast. Once you realize that you are excited, stop yourself and slow down.


Learning a sport, an instrument or any task takes practice. Like writing a speech and practicing. When having a conversation, practice noticing your pace and tone. How would you practice? Be present and stay focused on your current conversation.

Pay Attention To Your Pitch

I tend to speak with a high pitch when I get excited. I tone it down when I realize it. At first, it was hard to notice. Soon, I realized that having a high pitch can irritate the listener. Being aware is the first step, then you need to correct it and practice.

Don’t Yell

I’m Cuban, I yell. Unfortunately, that is one trait that I must improve. I noticed that it runs in my family, maybe not in yours. Are you loud? Try to control the yelling. It’s not pleasant unless you are at a party. The way that I have improved is by being attentive and correcting it. I admit I am still working on this trait.


All of the above works with proper breathing. Breathing controls your nerves and allows you to slow down. Take deep breaths through your nose and release slowly through your mouth. Repeat this exercise a couple of times until you feel a bit calmer.

In summary, imagine yourself communicating efficiently and clearly. Practice every chance you get and start sooner than later.

Until Next Week,

Coach Barb, C.P.C

Which tip resonated with you more? Leave a comment below.

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