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5 Tips On How To Calm Your Mind And Manifest Greatness

The Treasure Map symbolizes our life.

The Route symbolizes our experiences and our journey.

The Treasure Chest symbolizes our soul.

Fill your Soul with life-changing treasures, experience Wellbeing.

As I reach into this week's Wellbeing Treasure Chest, I find the simple teachings of Abraham Hicks. An entity being channeled by Esther Hicks. It might sound odd or even weird to some of you, but I attest to the teachings and how valuable they are to live in today’s world. By keeping it simple, you will transform your lives. One of the many teachings that Abraham has to offer is the ability to Calm Your Mind. By Calming your mind, you manifest greatness.

My spiritual quest started back when I was a teenager, I read books, visited churches and asked a lot of questions. I was quiet enough to let myself experience what I had to experience. It wasn’t until 2014 that I stumbled into the teachings of Abraham Hicks. I was confused. First, I listened with intent and realized what was happening. Esther is an empath that channels the entity that came to this world to teach us how to manifest, live a better life and how it all can be done by just following your emotions. I know it all sounds different and strange, but it is very effective. Are you ready to manifest great things into your life? Start by calming your mind.

The purpose of relaxing your mind is too quiet your vibration. To allow your thoughts to flow and to follow them into manifestation. The best time to start is first thing in the morning.

Find a quiet place

Are you comfortable? Is it quiet? Also, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes. Remember, this meditation can be as short as you desire. But, allow yourself at least ten to fifteen minutes.

Take deep breaths

Focus on your breathing. The purpose of this meditation to get into the receiving mode. Remember you manifest what you vibrate, and your goal here is to be in the receiving mode that attracts good things. You have to get into a good place to be able to receive greatness.

Focus on your mind

Start by acknowledging your thoughts. What are you thinking? Take this time to redirect your thought with ease. Get them out of the way to make room for good feeling thoughts, it takes time, it takes work, but it is essential.

Isolate a sound

Are you having trouble quieting your mind? Isolate a sound in the room; it can be anything. A ticking clock, a leaking faucet or candle flame. Anything that you can come to when your mind wanders off. The purpose of this step is to get you back to where you started. It takes practice.

Feel the energy

After doing this for several days in a row, you will feel the power that allows you to grow and feel happy, great and powerful. If you have never heard of the simple teachings of Abraham Hicks channeled by Esther Hicks, I recommend that you read, research and learn the lessons. It has great value, and it is life changing.

Source: Abraham-Hicks

In summary, It’s all about feeling good, about being happy and following your heart. Allow your mind and your heart to be in a good place for you to experience only greatness. I will bring to you what has value and assist you to feel Happy again. Namaste.

Much Love,

Coach Barb

Certified Life Coach

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