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5 Simple Steps How To Stay Focused And Get Your Desired Results

“The KEY represents your curiosity. Open the chest, and you will find what you need. A Treasure Chest Filled with Solutions.”

This week we will discover the treasure of Staying FOCUSED. Analyze your thoughts and if you catch yourself focusing on the wrong things, make the shift. I am here to share with you what works for me and how to apply it in your everyday life with ease and simplicity. What is your plan? The process looks like this, An idea, A plan, and the Execution. Fill the gap between the idea and the execution by staying focused.

Procrastination is the number one enemy for our friend focus. I use to procrastinate to the point, that I would procrastinate, procrastination. The I will do it later, became constant. That didn’t serve me at all. I realized the damage that I was creating, and I eventually stopped. There is a process that I follow to make sure I stay on track. I don’t obsess over completing my tasks; I just make sure I’m working a little each day towards my desired goal. By keeping things simple.

It is clear that leaving things undone creates frustration and disappointment. Let’s figure this out, let’s keep moving forward. Let’s stay focused. Below you will find five simple tips on how to stay focused to get your desired outcome.

Always give your project priority. Here’s how.

1. Clarity

Know exactly why you are starting the project. Because, if you know why you are doing something you will benefit even more when completed. For example, you want to study to become a Real Estate Agent, ask yourself three questions, “Why do I want to study Real Estate?”, “What are the benefits of studying Real Estate?” and “How am I going to feel when I complete the course?” Three simple questions to steer you in the right direction.

2. Exciting

Your goal has to be exciting. If it doesn’t excite you, don’t do it. Once you discover the why and it has your heart pumping, keep going. If you feel confused, let it go and work on something else. You will have a better outcome if you are excited about your project.

3. Small Deadlines

To stay focused and reach your target, keep your deadlines small. Break your to do list into small manageable tasks. If it’s a degree you are after, work on your studies. Focus on one class, one lecture, and one paper at a time. If it’s a Real Estate course, focus on one day at a time. Jump small hurdles, and you will stay excited.

4. Quietly

Do not share your project with anyone, until you feel accomplished. Just let your success speak for itself. If you think you must share, get yourself a journal and document, but don’t go around spreading your project, your ideas or your passion with anyone. Stay focused on your desired results.

5. Celebrate

Every single step counts. Celebrate your small wins. If you blocked out time to read and you accomplished it, celebrate. When you scored high on your practice test, celebrate. You deserve the celebration, keep at it.

In summary, staying focused is not easy. But, with manageable steps, you will go a long way. If you feel that you are overwhelmed, go back and revise your tasks, make them even smaller but don’t quit. Stay excited, keep it simple and reach for that Happy feeling. Until next week.

Much Love,

Coach Barb

Certified Life Coach

How do you overcome distractions to stay focused?

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