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How To Gut Out Old Habits By Renovating Your Mind

Today’s treasure is renovation. What comes to mind when you think of the word renovation? Gutting out, tearing down, building new layers, tossing out, construction and new patterns. Today, I will give you the opportunity to think of your mind as a construction zone.

When I think of the word renovation, I imagine a small house being gutted out and removing all of the old to bring in the new. With renovation you have hard work, and a dusty mess, but at the end, you will have new walls, fresh paint, new fixtures and a beautiful, clean home. Why not do the same with your mind?

Let’s take all of the old memories, negative thoughts, and worry and toss them out. I know, it’s easier said than done but there is a way to bring everything back to zero and start fresh.

Your body is your house; your thoughts are your fixtures let’s gut them out and clear them one by one. But first, you must have a vision of how your new home is going to look and feel.

Gut out - Start with gutting out old habits. What habit do you want to get rid of first? Start with that one. Then keep removing to maintain the momentum.

Tear Down - It’s time to tear down memories that don’t serve you, time to make room for new and better memories.

Toss out - After gutting everything out, there is a cloud of dust everywhere, the old is surfacing, and it is a perfect time to get rid of the pain, the guilt, sorrow and everything that is causing discomfort.

Build new layers - Now is time to create new memories, new habits and bring back the great feeling of love into your heart. Bring a great big smile on your face; it’s time to be happy again.

New patterns - Old ways are completely gone. Your new home is ready for a new life, make the best of it and enjoy it with pure pleasure. Enjoy yourself, your family, your friends, and your work.

To keep your mind renovated remember these three things:

Make better choices

Make time

Maintain the desire burning

In summary, it’s fun to use metaphors to improve our lives. I wanted to make it fun, but always remember the importance of keeping your mind clean and clear. Remove unwanted thoughts and bring in new ones to keep you healthy. Have a fantastic day.

Until next week,

Coach Barb

Life Coach

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