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How To Become Self Aware To Conquer Your Life

Stop and think of that time when you realized what mattered most, your children, your grandchildren, your home and your family. But, don’t forget you. Do you find yourself reacting to everything that is going on in your life? Life is like a game of chess, you either react to what is coming at you, or you stop and become self-aware of your next move to conquer the game of life.

In my twenties life came at me hard, I experienced the loss of my brother Jesus. The loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things that I had to endure. But, as I grew older life kept coming at me, I decided to seek inside of myself for growth and healing. Now that I’m aware of the physical and nonphysical, I am happy that I know my brother is still with me. It's beautiful to realize that by changing how I saw things I was able to ease the pain.

If you find yourself reacting to life, you need to look at your environment. How's your environment? Make it your goal to accomplish what you need to achieve. What are the barriers that are keeping you from becoming the person you want to become? The obstacles that you are experiencing, you are building them on your own. It all boils down to your self-awareness. Below you will find how you can take baby steps to become more self-aware and break down those barriers.

The benefits of being self-aware:

1. You get to be you

2. You experience self-love

3. You act with full consciousness

4. You behave in a positive way

5. You get to enjoy all of your relationships

6. You create the life that you want

7. You are genuinely happy

Below you will find how to become self-aware:

“Rather than looking for miracles, shift to seeing everything as miraculous.”

― Wayne W. Dyer

Change your thoughts

What you think about most is what you will attract. Shift your thoughts to loving ideas, focus on you, and don’t be concerned on how others see you. The way to do it is to force yourself to know what your thoughts are at the moment. If you are thinking of things that are making you mad, sad or giving you anxiety, it’s time to reject those thoughts and find better feeling thoughts. It takes practice, but you can do it.

Keep a journal

Take a pen and a journal, or a piece of paper and write a beautiful story of your life, how do you see it unfolding? Remember to write out everything that feels good to you, and take that story and read it every day. Create an image of the result that you desire.

Practice meditation

Sit in silence every day for at least five minutes. Slowly incorporate more time as you progress. The importance of taking the time to sit in silence is to be in a meditative state, in this quietness miracles start to happen. You will feel a sense of peace, tranquility, and joy. You will get into a state of blissfulness. Try it, I recommend first thing in the morning but meditate whenever you feel most comfortable. I know, it’s not easy, but you can accomplish it if you try.


Stop getting emotionally involved with what doesn’t pertain to you. Sometimes you can’t help it, I know. But, always ask yourself, do I want to get emotionally involved in that idea? Then reason with it, will it help me get to where I want to go? Start living your reality and not others lives. Keep doing what makes you happy and bring you joy. That’s it.

It is no surprise that there are many teachers out there helping us find our way. One teacher stands out for me, he’s brilliant, a fantastic speaker and he has been teaching us for many years, his name is Bob Proctor. I am sharing with you his video on Self Awareness; I encourage you to invest 23 minutes of your time and watch the video. It’s dated, but it will never get old.

Watch it: Do you know who you are?

In summary, it’s time to get serious about your choices and actions. Stop reacting to life and start living it. Have a fantastic week.


Coach Barb

Certified Life Coach

What would be possible in your life if you achieved self-awareness?

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