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How To Start A Healthy Life Eating Journey

Today’s treasure, Mindful Eating. The foods that we eat are affecting us. Choosing the right foods can get confusing. What you should be aiming for is to feel good after every meal. One thing that I’ve noticed is the more I dive into the spirituality side of life, the more I reject the foods that make me feel tired and bloated. It’s time to take action. It’s time to take baby steps and choose better foods.

One big struggle. As I have mentioned in the past, everything that I share with you I am doing. One of my most significant efforts is keeping up with a healthy way of eating. That’s when I decided to practice mindful eating. What I noticed when I started my conscious diet is that I kept eating the wrong foods, but the difference is the awareness that comes along with the eating, it made an impact in my life. I started to notice how sluggish I would feel if I ate a big fatty meal like burgers and fries, chips, soda and cookies. Have you ever felt bloated, tired, irritated or eater's remorse? Well, I have that’s why I decided to practice mindful eating. What are my goals? To feel comfortable, healthy and energetic after every meal. I understand that this is a lifelong journey, but I am willing to do it to improve my wellbeing.

I don’t claim that I am perfect with my eating habits, but I do know that I am closer to my plant-based diet than I was ten years ago. I am not there yet, but I have come a long way. I already stopped eating meats, fish, seafood, sodas, and I have cut down on my sugar intake. However, I am still eating eggs and cheese. But, I am enjoying all different types of fruits, vegetables, I love beans, and I have to admit, being Cuban I enjoy my bowl of white rice. My secret is that I focus on the foods that I am enjoying and forget about the ones that I have left behind. That to me is a success!

These are the five baby steps to get started with your mindful eating goals.

Make a decision

Do you want to change your eating habits? Why? After you answer the question, then take the responsibility to make the decision.

Be aware

Start by noticing how you feel after that nice meal. Do you feel tired? Did you get a headache? Write everything down, do it for one week and start to practice awareness.

Take action

Start eliminating one food or beverage at a time. Start small, sometimes if you rush into removing everything that is making you sluggish and giving you eater's remorse, you might just bring them back one by one. Let's use soda as an example, ask yourself what nutritional value do I get? Then if you feel that it’s one of the culprits, reduce the amount you are drinking daily, then weekly and before you know it you reached your goal. Soda is one example, you can do it with every single food or beverage. It’s your choice.

Keep a journal

How do you feel after every meal? Write it down, read it often until you change your mindset on how to eat to feel healthier.


What is your victory for this week? Celebrate it! It doesn’t matter how small; you deserve to feel great about it. Keep track of your small successes, and before you know it, you will look back and say, “wow, I haven’t had soda for three years.” Kudos to you!

In summary, this is a wellbeing blog, and I will share with you my experiences to help you have a more meaningful life. I genuinely believe that life is full of treasures to help you grow and feel the happiness that you are meant to feel. Keep on smiling.

Much love,

Coach Barb

Certified Life Coach

How do you practice mindful eating?

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