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Tired Of Not Sleeping? 5 Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Happy Tuesday everyone! Just another day full of love and excitement. Today’s treasure is Sleep. As I meet people and get to know them, I realize that many out there are experiencing trouble sleeping. I decided to do some research, and I stumbled upon a health coach that genuinely explained the benefits of sleeping with scientific backup, precisely what I was looking to find.

Even though genetically I do not have problems falling asleep, it was fun to find out facts about the benefits of sleeping. Today I will share with you five tips to help you rest. You can enjoy The Health Nerds video on sleeping to get all of the scientific facts and benefits.

Meanwhile, here in the Happy Zone, you can get tips to help you understand what to do to get your much-needed rest.

Here are the five tips to a beautiful journey of sleeping and feeling rested.

Tip #1 Nutrition

Make better choices with your food intake. Eliminate fatty foods, and foods full of sugar. If you are experiencing trouble sleeping, by improving your diet, you will start feeling and sleeping better. You won’t feel bloated, uncomfortable or agitated. A proper healthy diet will help.

Tip #2 Meditation

Quiet your mind. Can you set aside fifteen minutes of your day to meditate? If you are having a hard time scheduling your meditation, then find ten minutes out of your day and meditate. The reason this helps you sleep is that you will learn how to quiet your mind. It takes time and practice, but you have to commit to yourself that you will start. Face it; your mind chatter is probably the culprit of your lack of sleep. So, get started. Meditate.

Tip #3 Dark Room

Black out your room. Make it as dark as possible. By having darkness, you are helping your brain to get ready to sleep. Do not watch television right before you go to bed and try to do something quiet and soothing before laying down. Read a book, listen to soft relaxing music, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Be present in the now.

Tip #4 Napping

The research stated that napping could actually help you maintain a healthy sleeping habit. It doesn’t have to be long; it can be a power nap. Fifteen to twenty minutes, this is a habit that is hard to follow with work, kids, and daily activities. However, keep it in the back of your mind that napping can be a great asset to your sleeping problems.

Tip #5 Have a routine

A routine helps you create your sleeping habits automatically. The Health Nerds states that “by establishing a simple routine before going to bed like, brushing your teeth, reading a book for fifteen minutes and immediately going to bed can help.” Try it today.

Stay strong and practice the five tips to improve your sleeping habits. May you find happiness with all of your choices if you are looking for me to be your Wellbeing Coach connect with me today. coachbarblistens@gmail.com Have a fantastic week.

Much love,

Coach Barb

Certified Life Coach

*If You are depending on over the counter medicine or prescribed medication to help you sleep, consult with your doctor before discontinuing your medication.

Which tip resonated with you the most? Share it with me by commenting below.

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