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How To Manifest Things That Make You Happy

So many teachers, empaths, entities are sending us messages. Now with the internet and technology, we hear their words even more. The one teaching that stands out for me is being in alignment. What does that mean? Well, today’s treasure is all about alignment. I will share with you what I’ve learned so far on this beautiful journey that I am currently experiencing.

The power of the law of attraction. Kid you not, I have been reading about the law of attraction since the 90’s. Two decades later I have been inundated with information. The more I study about the law of attraction the more I fall in love with it. My life journey has been a great journey, I have had a fantastic career, I have a loving family, I have a great relationship with my wife, and I completely understand that I have manifested everything in my life.

Since everything in our life is a manifestation, let’s have fun with it and turn everything that is upside down, right side up. Today you will learn how to manifest things that make you happy.

First look at what being in alignment looks like:

  • You are an energetic match with what you are feeling

  • You attract what you think about the most

If you are experiencing overwhelming stress, overworked, pressured, angry, depressed, you get the picture. That’s being out of alignment with source energy, and unfortunately, that is what you will continue to attract. Then you need to work on your thoughts. The key is not to entertain the negative thoughts. I will show you how.

To get from that negative state to a happy state is not immediate. It takes work on your part and patience. I want to believe that everyone’s goal is to get out of that negative rut and spring into a better feeling place.

  • Reach for better feeling thoughts

How? Trust me when I say that it takes practice, but it is not impossible. It took me years to finally get the hang of it, and I still have my moments of negativity. But, the difference is that I stop it much quicker, and I am feeling much better.

How to go from a negative thought pattern to a better feeling thought.

First, you need to start working on being aware of all or most of your thoughts. Consciously know that you are doing it on purpose.

Second, the minute that nasty thought surfaces, interrupt it. Yes, just say, "not now." And always have a dominant good feeling thought ready to replace it immediately. Practice this with small things, and then gradually do it with everything in your life. This is very powerful, and the purpose of mastering this simple yet powerful step is to get into a good feeling place. Because, my dear Happy Soul, you attract what you are feeling and what you think about the most. It’s that simple.

In summary, make it your goal to be in alignment with source energy. It is so much better because you will feel that everything you are doing you are having fun doing it. When things go with the flow, are in perfect timing, and just feels right, that means you are experiencing alignment with source energy. If you are looking for me to be your coach reach out today, have a fantastic week.

My main source for this blog post is from the teachings of Abraham-HIcks. Check out this video on Alignment.

Much love,

Coach Barb

Certified Life Coach

What do you do to stay in alignment with source energy?

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