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Stop The Excuses, How To Get Active In 5 Simple Steps

Those of you who know me well, know that I rarely get out and exercise. But, things have changed, and I am moving my body daily. I had an epiphany while taking a nice walk with my brother and then having a conversation with a client, and just like that, I saw exercising on a whole different level. This weeks treasure is all about Exercise.

My aha moment and the shift. These were my excuses, “I don’t like to exercise,” and “I’m not in the mood to exercise,” and the worst one of all, “exercise is not for me.” Who was I kidding? What in the world was I thinking? My mind went from terrible self talk to realizing that exercise should go in the same importance as, eating, sleeping, showering, brushing your teeth, you get the picture. I now see it as part of my life. I went from thinking that walking my dog Gia was enough, to walking every day for at least thirty minutes a day. The point here is how I shifted my mindset from self-sabotage to self-love. My new morning routine is, I wake up at six am, brush my teeth, meditate, work for two hours, walk Gia, eat breakfast then I go for my morning walk. I feel amazing and so can you.

Below I will share with you how you can stop the excuses for exercise, and take action.

Awareness- Know the reason why you are starting to exercise, feel it in your heart that it’s one of the most critical decisions in your life. Would you go thirty days without food or sleep? If you answered no, then put exercising in that group. Do something every day to make that heart pump and keep it healthy.

Discipline- Create a routine that works for you. For example, look at your current schedule and take thirty minutes out of your day and squeeze in an exercise like a brisk walk, go to the gym or swim. Whatever works for you, but get moving.

Commitment- Once you have developed your routine, now you need commitment. Stick to it, if you are walking every day and it’s raining do a workout at home. If you decide to swim and it’s cold switch to walking. Do it for yourself. Not for looks, not for weight loss but to stay healthy.

Enjoyable- Have fun with this new adventure in your life. Do what you love, change the way you look at exercise. Find a workout buddy. If CrossFit is your thing, then join a CrossFit gym. Do it today. Take action.

Challenging- Turn up that challenge, plan on expanding and doing different things. I love tennis, and I am visualizing myself playing tennis again. Start imagining yourself doing other types of activities that help you stay healthy.

In summary, I no longer view exercising as boring or hard. Hope you can shift your views on exercise. If you need that extra push to get moving, I’m ready to be your Life Coach, reach out today.

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