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5 Ways Music Brings Out The Best In You

Music is energy. Depending on the type of music that we listen to, is what we will experience. Music affects our emotions, if we hear sad songs, it declines our mood, and the opposite is true. Music is powerful. This weeks treasure is all about Music.

I have to admit, sometimes I just prefer to sit in a quiet room, no music, no television just pure silence. But, throughout the years I have learned the importance to fill my soul with beautiful, uplifting music. I can’t tell you what’s my favorite song, or group or genre. But I can tell you that I enjoy anything that calms me and allows my creativity to rise. I listen to Beethoven, Vivaldi, Soft Rock, Mantras, and 80’s music. I have learned to appreciate the gift that music offers. What type of music do you enjoy?

After doing my research on music and the effects it has on our bodies, I came up with five reasons to crank up the music to feel better from the inside out. Check out Saybrook University's research on music.

Lift Your Mood

Have you ever felt so down that not a single thought can lift you up? Try listening to music that is upbeat. What song makes you sing out loud? Then put that song on, and start singing even if you don’t feel like it. The moment you start, you will shift to a better feeling place. Feel the momentum take you into a different place.

Keep The Momentum

After you get into that groove, get active. Go for a long walk with music playing on your phone and watch your momentum switch from grumpy to happy. Now, you are exercising, and your body is starting to feel that positive energy. That’s how you get your momentum up to speed. Take action.


Do you find it challenging to stay focused? Find a playlist that helps you get focused and keeps you focused. Nothing like an excellent track to help you get through your studies. Listen to this upbeat music playlist for concentration, didn't like it? Try this classical music playlist. Pick what’s right for you, just enjoy your studies more with music playing in the background, it helps with your creativity and concentration. Take action.

Improve Environment

Did you know that you can create the mood you want? Do you have a dinner date and want to set the mood? Find soft romantic music. Do you want to change your hectic, frustrating rushed feeling when you get home? Play relaxing music. Do you want to sit with a cup a tea and read a relaxing book? Put on soft classical music in the background. You can set your environments mood by adding music. Do you want the party that you’re hosting to be fun and exciting? Play the music that will get your guest dancing. Have fun with music use it to feel better, take action.

Enhance Your Commute

It’s rush hour and the traffic is making you mad. The best way to make your commute tolerable is to listen to your favorite music. Some like rock, some like jazz and some of you like classical. Whatever music you choose make sure it has the power to shift your mood from frustrated to happy.

Bottom line, music is good for the soul. What a great way to improve your wellbeing. Today give yourself the pleasure of listening to a song that makes you sing. Don’t forget, If you are looking for me to be your Life Coach reach out today.


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