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How To Live On Purpose And Enjoy More Of What You Value

What is your purpose in life? Such a profound question and many of us do not have the answer. Today’s treasure is all about living life with purpose. Stop stumbling through life and start living life today. I will attempt to make it simple for you to find a way and an answer. I recently asked myself what do I want my legacy to be? And my answer was simple, “To be known for the person that helped many change their mindsets to transform into a strong and capable individual” So my purpose is to learn every day how to accomplish that given task. So I challenge you right now and ask yourself what do you value most? Below you will find three simple tips to help you stop stumbling through life and start living on purpose. 1. Value There is always something that drives us to be a better person. Review the list below and ask yourself, “what do I value most?”

  • Faith

  • Balance

  • Family

  • Compassion

  • Excellence

  • Generosity

  • Peace

  • Connection

Is there something different? What do you want your legacy to be? 2. Write It Down Write down your unique purpose on a 3x5 card. Carry it with you at all times and let that be the fuel to keep you going. For example, pick what you value most and write out a phrase that will help you stay on track like, “ I love my family, and I am committed to spending more quality time with them.” 3. Read It Start your day reading the phrase that you wrote out loud, and end each day be reading it. Be creative, keep it close to your heart and watch it come to life. I have my 3x5 card. That I put on my phone as a reminder, and in it, I wrote in 2014 That "I am Calm, Confident and an Excellent Communicator" I have been getting a notification daily ever since, and that is my fuel to keep going and keep learning to continue helping others. What is yours going to be? In summary, when you set priorities in your life and follow your passion you will achieve balance and feel content. Start making a difference in your life and live in the moment every day. I am here to help if you need a mindset transformation. Reach out today for a free 15 minutes Coaching Chat with me. Have a fantastic week. Until next week, Coach Barb Certified Life Coach What would be possible if you lived your life on purpose?

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