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How To Lower Your Expectations And Live The Best Life

We all want to feel happy. But, what happens when what didn’t get what you expected? Just a little reminder, if you don’t focus on the outcome of how everything should turn out, you will feel happier. This weeks treasure is all about expectations. Let’s explore on how to lower your expectations to feel ease in your life.

When I started this journey, I didn’t know what to expect. As time began to pass I knew that I should have followers, people reaching out on a daily basis for sessions, students reaching out to get English lessons. What happened the first few months on this journey? Crickets, I heard crickets. If I had focused on the outcome, I would have quit after just a couple of months of writing, engaging, learning and producing high-quality work. Since I lowered my expectations, I was able to continue my journey and enjoy every step. Expectations are nothing but stumbling blocks; they bring you disappointment, blame, anger, and resentment. Recognize that we can’t control what others think, say or do. If you don’t get attached to outcomes, you will automatically feel ease. What you experience when you live a life without expectations is patience, humility, inner peace, compassion, and ease. Below I share with you a fun way to get yourself out of the expectation mode and more into an open heart mode. It’s time to have fun, lighten up and start living a life full of joy. 1. Make A List Starting today, start identifying your expectations throughout the day. Anything, from what you expect from your spouse, kids, co-workers, friends, family members, anyone. Make a list. 2. Examine Now, take that list and ask yourself, “is this an unrealistic expectation?” Do this every day, until you teach yourself to lower your expectations. 3. Play A Game Don’t beat yourself up for your unrealistic expectations, look at your list and say to yourself, “that’s a funny one,” or simply observe how you are taking it, “I’m hard on myself when I make mistakes.” The point of this exercise is to get you to stay focused in the moment. The whole point is to start enjoying your journey, your relationships, your work, you. Everything has a process, and the delight is always in the process. The method of how things are done, how you feel when you are doing it, you get the picture. Living in the moment is one sure way not to get hurt with any expectations. Let the universe take control, and you will experience living life with ease. If you are struggling with your relationship at this time, remember one important thing. All relationships are difficult; they require work even when it’s going well. In summary, expectations create more problems than they solve. To find inner peace and joy is what living is all about. Let’s have a Mindset Transformation conversation, contact me today. Until next week, Coach Barb Certified Life Coach What would be possible in your life if you lived it without any expectations?

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