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Get More Out Of Life By Improving Your Habits

It’s about your daily actions, routines, and habits. Today’s treasure is about your daily habits. When you learn from others, it means nothing if you don't put it into practice. I’m very passionate about learning. Everybody has innate habits but, are those habits helping you or hurting you? That depends, doesn’t it? Somehow I feel that simple things are hard to do. Everyday life throws curve balls at us; The plan is to catch the ball and figure out where to throw it, that’s what matters. Our mind is a powerful tool, and we either use it to our advantage or allow it to destroy us. I learned that by improving my habits, I have been able to do what I love and feel great about it. I study daily, I do research, plan, write, and I’m continually learning. My habits are taking me places that people only dream about; But, I still have a lot to learn and habits to change. Below I will share with you the habits that have helped me on my journey to grow and learn. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said in an interview with Tony Robbins years ago, find it here. “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.” So profound and such love in his words. When you finally decide to change your habits to change your life, you will feel that powerful awakening that’s inside of you. The good news is that all habits can be learned. I broke down my daily practices into three areas of my life, Health, Spirituality and Work, I call them my three pillars of strength. I found that by improving all of these areas, I’ve improved my life as a whole. “95% of everything you do is the result of habit.” Aristotle


Take care of you, choose the right foods, listen to your body. If you are eating something that doesn’t agree with you, then stop eating it. Make a conscious choice to be healthy. Exercise daily, not four times a week, three times a week, do it every day. I chose to walk daily for a minimum of thirty minutes a day; I do it for my wellbeing and my health. I said to myself, “Self would you only eat three times a week?” apparently the answer was no. That’s when I decided to walk daily.


I have decided to live my life on purpose. How do you do that? Well, recently I have been studying the great masters like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins. Not only do I listen to what they have to teach, but I put it into practice. The one lesson that I am currently practicing and I encourage you to do the same is to surrender. I have surrendered as I meditate, as I write, as I engage with other people. This life is full of treasures, and I genuinely believe in all of them. As I grow spiritually, I will uncover more treasures, and I will share them with you. To connect spiritually, take the time to connect with source energy and listen to the daily messages. In silence, you will hear many things.


It doesn’t matter if it’s keeping the house organized, cleaning or writing. I have developed habits to make my work pleasant and enjoyable. By doing things with joy and focus, things come together. The habits that I have developed surrounding my work are as follows. I am proactive; I wake up early to start my day right, I plan my work and follow through. Habitually I do things that keep me moving forward and keep my three pillars steady and consistent, for example:

  • Exercise

  • Eat the right foods

  • Read

  • Educate Myself

  • Step out of my comfort zone

  • Spend Time with Family / Friends

  • I Don’t Complain

In summary, it takes time and effort to do what's right. I choose to read fifteen minutes a day to mentally stimulate myself; I walk a minimum thirty minutes a day to get my heart pumping, I bring to you each week a Life Treasure to help you grow. It’s my choice, and I love it. I choose love, I choose life, and I choose you. Thank you for reading and from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you. For a powerful Mindset Transformational Chat, contact me today. Until next week, Coach Barb Certified Life Coach What would be possible if you change your habits today?

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