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How To Complain Less And Get Amazing Positive Results

“People won't have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.” Stephen Hawking

When you stop complaining you will be a happier person. This weeks treasure is to learn how not to complain. Keep in mind; it’s not only you complaining that’s a problem, but it's also being around people that complain. It’s “offensive fumes; it’s like second-hand smoke.” John Gordon, The No Complaining Rule. Bottom line, complaining is harmful and it depletes your energy. It’s time to stop. At one point in my life I started to notice that I was a chronic complainer, but what I saw the most, is that I complained about small stuff. Like when the house was a mess or when I had to do the dishes. When I started enjoying doing my everyday tasks without complaining things began to shift around me, I felt happier, and I enjoyed keeping the house tidy and neat. Now I do the dishes without complaining, and it feels as if I’m in a meditative state. All I did was stop looking at the negative aspect of doing my chores. Below I will share with you tips on how to stop yourself from complaining yourself into an aggravated mess. Start thinking of complaining as energy wasted. If you are faced with a situation that you can’t tackle immediately, don’t dwell on it. The chances are that it will correct itself. “A 2016 study by Stanford researchers found that complaining shrinks your hippocampus, which is the part of your brain critical to problem-solving. It's also one of the central areas of your brain that Alzheimer's destroys. Complaining also releases cortisol, the stress hormone, which raises your blood pressure and blood sugar. Frequent complaining can lead to heart disease and diabetes.” Chicago Tribune Complaining is terrible physically, emotionally and spiritually. Physically it releases the stress hormone Cortisol that gives you anxiety, emotionally it hurts, and spiritually you attract the same bitterness over and over again. Decide to stop complaining today, and start seeing solutions to your problem. Take action to feel better, be stronger and happy. What are you feeding your mind, body, and soul? It all has to match in the same healing vibration, or you will not feel right. It's time to wake up and feel good. Make decisions that make your life better. Check out the exercise below to help you get started. The Happy Zone - (Stop The Complaining Cycle Practice) Take the time to practice these steps below to complain less and feel better.

Step 1 - Catch Yourself

Practice awareness. Practice catching yourself before you give complaining any momentum. Catch and release. The critical thing to remember is to practice awareness. Say to yourself, “why am I complaining?” and soon you will master the ability to become aware.

Step 2- Stop

After you become good at catching yourself complaining, then you have to stop. Come to a complete stop and do not continue. Do you want to feel better? Then make it your goal to slow down the negative momentum.

Step 3- Redirect

Those pesky thoughts are going to continue coming. You have to find a better feeling place and learn how to redirect your thoughts. The best way to do it is by following the previous steps, become aware and stop them right on their tracks. But that’s not enough; you must replace the complaint with a better feeling thought. Think of something that brings you happiness, joy, and excitement and keep repeating it in your mind until you feel it.

Step 4- Decide

Just do it. Decide that you are not going to complain about a situation. Take control; you are powerful, you have it in you. Use it. Take a deep breath and decide today that you are not going to complain about a particular situation. Start small, choose a little thing and eventually the more significant things will be just as easy. The goal is to stop your complaining cycle.

Step 5 - Practice Silence

Don’t you find it hard to keep silent? It is a task that you need to start practicing. The way you start is to set aside time to sit in silence purposely. Start slow, do it for two minutes. Then start increasing your silent time until you reach a good ten minutes. If you have a hard time finding the time because of your chaotic day, then wake up twenty minutes earlier to start your practice. The purpose of being silent is to quiet your thoughts. Sitting in silence will become more comfortable with time.

The Results You Will Get:
  • Better Mood

  • Make Better Decisions

  • Attract The Right People In Your Life

  • Experience Freedom

  • Just Simply Happier

In summary, feed your mind positivity. Stop giving momentum to complaining there are no solutions in them. When You accomplish going one day without complaining, you will feel this burst of energy that will make you unstoppable. Choose today not to complain. Contact me today for a Mindset Transformational Chat, I can guide you into a better feeling place. Talk to you soon. Until next week, Coach Barb Certified Life Coach What would be possible in your life if you stopped complaining?

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