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How To Direct Your Mind To Think Good Thoughts

“With our thoughts we make the world.” Gautama Buddha

Is your mind your best friend or your worst enemy? Thoughts generate feelings vibrating energy, and that’s what we attract into our lives. This weeks treasure is all about thoughts becoming things. Are your thoughts based on fear or love? Somehow my brain was wired at an early age with strong fear-based feelings. I was practically afraid of everything, in my mind everything would go wrong. When I realized that thoughts become things, I soon started studying on how to change my pattern of negative thoughts. I know that when I would start changing the way I was thinking I would begin attracting better things to my life.

Below I will share with you how I transformed my thoughts from fear-based thinking and realizing how those thoughts become things. Thought-forms are either fear or love based. Fear-based feelings can lead to anger, opposed to love based it can lead to gratitude.

Steps to reprogram your mind to identify the core and root substance that your thoughts are producing.

1. What is your perception/belief? 2. Think about how you think, reflect on your thoughts. 3. Replace the thoughts at the core level of your subconscious mind, with love based feelings gratitude, peace and wellbeing. 4. Repetition = attention, deliberate focus and attention to the positive alternative gives us personal power. Have the conscious discipline to change your thoughts. 5. Thoughts lead to feelings and feelings guides to behavior. That’s how in practical circumstances thoughts become things, and in our spiritual world, we attract what we vibrate. In essence, all we want is to be in a positive wellbeing state. Change your thoughts and your world changes. In summary, your thoughts are powerful. Do yourself a favor today, stop to think about how you think. It can save you some heartache in the future. And remember it’s the feelings that matter. Have a fantastic day. Contact me today for a mindset coaching session. Until next week, Coach Barb Certified Life Coach Are you frustrated with your habitual negative thinking?

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