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The Great Advantages Of Learning And Growing

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." Anthony J. D'Angelo

It is time to get moving and get out of the rut. Today’s treasure is about not settling. Stagnation doesn’t allow growth, always remember that. If you find yourself getting ideas, feeling a rush of excitement, then it's time to take action and learn as much as possible to make that idea flourish.

I have to admit; I am always learning new things. It’s funny my cousin once told me, “man you’re always in school.” That was funny, it’s true. Now with the internet, I find joy in learning new things all of the time. I don’t consider myself a stagnant individual; I’m always learning and evolving.

Today I am giving you the gift of knowledge; if you feel a bit stuck, I’m going to help you with a couple of suggestions. It’s not easy if you are in a dark place, but know that once you change what you are doing physically, I mean get moving; you will feel better. Let’s explore together what inspires you and let’s get to work.

The objective here is for you to get a clear understanding of how to get started. If you don’t know something and you have an interest, then learn it. Work while in alignment, what do I mean by that? Well get in alignment with a good feeling, does it excite you? Then follow that inspired action and do something.

In what areas do you want to achieve more?

  • Editing Videos

  • Business

  • Art

  • Cooking

  • Gardening

  • Baking

It doesn’t matter; the point is to start doing something daily to create and face the fear of the unknown.

So let’s get back into the habit of learning:

1. Read - Find the time to read daily. 2. Listen - surround yourself with people that have the skills that you want to learn. Ask questions, get interested and then listen. 3. Accept what you don’t know - experts became that way they weren’t born knowing. 4. Act - get out and do it. After reading about it, go and try it. Practice until you become a master, I know it’s intimidating at first, but then it’s a cakewalk. 5. Teach - ok so you finally learned the skill and you are rocking it, now go out and teach it that will reinforce what you’ve learned. Bob Proctor, a motivational speaker, once said, "the key to my success was never to stop learning. Find the joy in learning, and you will become unstoppable." In summary, to accomplish great things in life, you have to keep learning. Decide today that you will create something new. Contact me for a Mindset Transformational Chat. Have a great day. To Your Wellbeing, Coach Barb Certified Life Coach

What’s one skill you want to start learning today?

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