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Improve Your Wellbeing With A Simple Smile

"Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful." Thich Nhat Hanh

Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable smiling at a total stranger? What if I told you that it could improve your wellbeing and possibly make someone's day better. Today’s treasure is all about smiling. A genuine smile can be convincing and bring you good vibes all day long.

I love to smile; I carry a sincere smile on me daily. I have to admit when I’m having a not so good day, I at least attempt to smile, it brings me a sense of peace that slowly helps my mood get better. I’m not advocating that it’s easy, but I am saying that it does help.

A smile conveys happiness, positivity, and calmness. Even physically a smile has its benefits like it reduces the stress hormone cortisol and it enables you to lower your blood pressure. Overall, it is something worth experiencing at least several times a day.

Let's have fun smiling today.

Today’s Challenge: Connect with a smile
  1. Study peoples faces and notice how many are not smiling.

  2. Smile at random people today, everyone you come in contact smile at them.

  3. Practice awareness: how many times did you smile today? How did you feel?

Sometimes we go about our day and not even crack a smile. Did you know that we have a subconscious innate drive to smile when we see one? Make a difference in someone's life and smile.

In summary, it’s time to offer smiles and live a happier life. In today’s busy, chaotic world it is nice to impact others positively, and with such a powerful tool as simple as a smile. Contact me today for a Life Coaching Chat and a SMILE. Have a great day.

Until next week,

Coach Barb

Certified Life Coach

What brings a smile to your face?

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