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How To Become More Decisive For A Powerful Life

There is nothing worse in this life than being indecisive. Have you ever stopped to think how you feel when you can’t make a decision? Frustrated, confused, anxious, to name a few emotions that can take you into a tailspin of confusion. This week's treasure is how to make decisions.

I grew up in a family that it seemed like being indecisive was a norm. It frustrated me to no end. Simple decisions like to visit family, what to wear, where to eat, it seemed small and tedious, but it became such a bad habit that making life-changing choices were difficult. I overcame the bad habit of being indecisive by understanding how powerful it is to make decisions and feel confident and powerful. I am going to share with you how I overcame the bad habit and how you too can take control of your life and start making decisions that will liberate you from the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do. Always keep this in mind, what are your feelings telling you? Remember that you can control how you choose to react, it seems hard, but it’s the truth. Even if you feel that you have too much invested to walk away, know what you are feeling at this moment and stay focused on what makes you happy.

To actively work on making decisions follow the tips below.

1. Be an observer of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. The more you become aware of you, the better it is going to be to make decisions that will help. 2. Practice mindfulness, by sitting in silence you will have a sense of calmness and allow your inner guides to send you the answers that will solve a problem or guide you to your right decision. By being still, you will be focusing on the present moment and not incorporate the past. 3. Sleep on it, there is something about letting go and allowing the problem or situation simmer down after you have rested. A fresh mind is a clear mind. When you get to sleep on it, you will allow the solution without you forcing it. 4. Write it out, make a list of the pros and cons. See what the cons are in a situation, and if you choose not to live with them, eliminate it. 5. Keep in mind of your alternatives and always consider different scenarios. Be creative, stay focused and reach out for that calm, silent feeling. And remember, you got this. Know what you like and go for it. In summary, if you have a strong intuition, that will almost never fail you. Keep making choices that bring you happiness and lights up your world in a positive way. If you would like a nice transformational mindset coaching session, contact me. Have a fantastic day. Until next week, Coach Barb Certified Life Coach What is your favorite way to make decisions?

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