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How To Practice Forgiveness And Feel Free

Forgiveness is for yourself because it frees you. It lets you out of that prison you put yourself in.

Louise L. Hay

Are you harboring anger? Know that refusing to forgive can make you physically sick. Today’s treasure is all about forgiveness. According to John Hopkins, the act of forgiving can reap huge rewards in your health. Imagine a life full of genuine joy and true happiness, I know that the internet is flooded with these positive messages, but guess what? Positivity always wins. It’s time to look into forgives and allow yourself to feel the joy you are meant to feel. Keep it simple, below I will share with you how I have grown by forgiving myself and others. The primary person that I need to forgive is myself. We all go through tough things in our lives, I admit others go through things that are unimaginable, and others go through breakups, dealing with abusive spouses or friends, and there are many other things that come up that if you harbor the pain, the anger, and the guilt it will eventually make you sick. Remember this, if you feel anger, it’s impossible to feel joy at the same time. So it’s time to break through the bondage of it all. It’s time to forgive. Whatever your spiritual path, you will find the importance of forgiveness. It’s not always easy, and if you keep on having the eruptions of anger, you might find yourself with a series of serious health issues, the good news is that you do have the power to stop it. Let’s take a look at forgiveness, you can forgive yourself, and you can forgive others, they are both critical. Think of the simple steps that I’m about to share with you as the key that opens up your prison cell. The prison cell symbolizes your past, your anger, your destructive thoughts, the key represents you releasing everything that has brought all those emotions, and you opening the door and walking out represents your freedom and your new path. Keep your focus on the present moment and release what’s holding you back by forgiving. Do you want to find true happiness? Below I share with you three things that you can start doing today to help you move towards that right feeling place. The feeling of being free and feeling joy. First, find a comfortable place without interruptions, then close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose and release it through your mouth. Do this seven times, slowly. Second, practice sending love. Write out a list of everyone, and every situation that you are holding a grudge, hate, resentment, anger, any negative feeling and send love individually to each, by saying “I am sending love to you today.” Sit quietly for about a minute and reflect on this. Third, purposefully choose thoughts that make you feel good. Like going out for a run, swimming, visualize yourself dancing or out in nature. Put yourself in a situation that brings a smile to your face. And feel it. After you have done these exercises, forgive yourself or others whatever the situation may be. But, keep in mind that forgiveness is not about the other person, it’s about setting yourself free. Set boundaries and do not allow any negativity to continue in your life. It’s about you being free. In summary, releasing any negative perception in your life is not easy, but it is well worth it. Find peace, freedom, and balance in your life. I invite you to have a discovery conversation with me, I am looking forward to our conversation. My Email.

Until next week, Coach Barb Certified Life Coach What do you do to forgive yourself and others?

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