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How To Deal With Change In A Positive Way

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." Maya Angelou

Do find yourself struggling with change? Today’s Treasure Is allowing a difference in your life. Life throws curveballs that are hard to cope with, but not impossible to deal with. I will share with you simple steps that will help you overcome the way you look at change, and allow you to live a happier life. Remember, it’s not easy, but you can do this. Let’s go. Anyone that knows me knows that I am the queen of change. My wife and I have been together thirteen years, and we have moved and lived in different states and country without skipping a beat. I say that I have become the expert on how to deal with change. I no longer see change as the adversary, I see evolution as opportunity and experiences in life that will always benefit me even if they don’t seem to be good at the time. I follow my heart, and if we need to move, I always say let’s go. I love my adventures, and I like change. One crucial question that you can always ask yourself is, “What’s really important to me right now?” family, friends, work, spirituality, creativity? Whatever it might be, this is a great start to set your compass in the right direction. Change is constant, and it’s inevitable, it’s how you view it that makes it beneficial or destructive, you always have the choice on how you see change.

Below you will find some simple tips to help you get more comfortable with change:
Check Your Thought Patterns

Know where your thoughts are taking you, are they positive thoughts or negative thoughts? The difference lies in how you are thinking. Half the battle is checking in with your thoughts and catching them before they get out of control in a negative spiral. Remember, you are in control.

Accept and Reframe

Once you check your thoughts, accept the negative thinking, and now it’s time to reframe. By consciously choosing better feeling thoughts and leaning towards a more positive outlook on the change at hand.

Celebrate the Positives

Not every change is negative, so by giving much-needed attention to the positive changes and fueling that fire, you will grow and feel good about yourself. Celebrate, don’t dismiss good changes, have you ever noticed how quick you are to tell people about the adverse changes more than the good ones? Stop, do more celebrating it’s good for the soul.

Be In The Present

Even though the past exists in our minds, and the future is what we desire, it’s in the present that all miracles happen. It’s the hardest, but the most rewarding. To be present take deep breaths and consciously say to yourself I’m in the present moment now. Look around you and purposely say what you are doing, like, “I’m driving right now and I’m holding the steering wheel, look at the sky how blue it is.” just a small example on how to get into the present moment.

Take Action

Do it now, if you need to apply for a job online, do it. Don’t wait. If you need to clean your house, do it. Don’t wait. It’s all about taking action if you find yourself not wanting to do something because of change, that’s when you must do it. In summary, any detour in our lives can cause us frustration, fear, and stress. It is how we learn how to deal with the changes that help us with our families, work, routines and even our drive to work. One way to cope is to visualize your desired outcome. I invite you to have a deep discovery conversation with me. Email me today. Much love always. Until Next Week, Coach Barb Certified Life Coach What would be possible in your life if you dealt with change in a positive way?

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