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5 Wonderful Tips On How To Get Out Of A Funk

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”John Milton

You already know that when you are in a funk, there’s nothing that you want to do. You just feel blah. Today’s Treasure is Getting Out of That Funk. Let’s face it we all have bad days, feel depressed and just stuck, it’s a part of life. Today I’m going to share with you what I have done to get out of my funk. I’ve noticed that the lack of action gets me off track, in a bad mood. The less I do, the more stuck I feel. Ever since I have been living my life paying attention to what I’m feeling, I notice sooner, and I start doing small things to feel better. Like, I will tidy up the apartment with fun music playing in the background, or I will literally shift my environment to start feeling differently. Or pick up a good book, or play funny videos on youtube, something different that will pull me out of my current state of mind. How do you change how you’re feeling? Everyone is different, and what works for me might not work for you, however, pick one and give it a try. After exploring your funk and the negativity that you are feeling, don’t stay in it for an extended period of time, take action to get yourself to feel better.

Be Here Now

Stop to think about it if you are feeling off, it ’s because you are either anxious about something that hasn’t even happened or worried about something that already happened. You are not actually living in the now. Stop, and see what’s happening in your surroundings right now. You are reading this, you are at a cafe, or you’re sipping coffee at home on your couch. Get into the moment and be here now.


Here I don’t want you to write about what’s making you mad, sad or depressed. I want you to take a journal and pen, create a new world for yourself. Write about what you desire, how does it feel? What do you see? You are fantastic write about good things, words, and phrases that make you smile. Draw something beautiful or ugly it’s up to you, but create something unique.

Stop Excessive Thinking

This one is the most challenging. I get it, but it’s in the effort. When a thought comes into your mind, and it’s not serving you, redirect that thought. Do it consciously and intentionally, make it a habit. This will definitely help.


Playing and having fun can make you feel inspired and liberated. What would you do if you thought of playing a super fun game? What game would that be?

Go Outside

It’s time to move your body, go outside and enjoy nature, trees, plants, yards. Go to a park and see other people play with their kids, invite your kids even if they are older, go swing on that wonderful swing, have fun go for a walk or a jog, but get your body moving. In summary, after you positively channel your energy, and you take responsibility for your own thoughts, only then you can get out of your head and enjoy the world. Take charge and make the required action to get out of that funk. Contact me for a deep coaching conversation, it’ll be life changing. Until next week, Coach Barb Professional Coach How are you going to get out of your funk today?

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