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It’s Ok To Let Go

There are many reasons why we need to let go of people or situations. For many of us, it kills us not to be able to handle the letting go. However, I’m here to share with you that it’s ok to let go. Losing people come in many forms, a bad breakup, the death of a loved one, removing someone from your life because of the toxicity, but it’s all the same one significant loss. Sure, you will be sad because you are human and have feelings, but the sooner you realize that you are not your emotions, you can soon feel better and more alive.

I’ve had my share of losses in my life, from the death of a loved one, my dear brother, Jesus. Breakups, friends that decided not to be around anymore, and the times I’ve had to let go because it was the right thing to do. It hurts. Are you reading this and hurting because you are alone? I get you. However, I want to share with you how I handle letting go and opening up to new possibilities with love and grace. Let’s dive right into it!

How about exploring why some people decide to leave, maybe they can’t handle your transformation. That means that you are vibrating at a different level and it just doesn’t feel right. I bet you feel as if you have changed for the better, you’re more confident, independent, positive and they just can’t get used to your new you, they are stuck and used to your old you. Then, that’s just fine let them go. When you dare to find your true self, you will feel unstoppable and on fire. So when you’ve outgrown that friendship or relationship keep your head up and keep going. You won’t be sorry.

But, how do you stay positive amongst this pain of loss that you are feeling? Below you will find three things you can do for yourself to help you through this tough time.

Start Today

1. Believe In Yourself

How can you start believing in yourself? Start by rewarding yourself for the smallest achievements, start small, and start reaching goals. When you accomplish things that you want to get done, you begin to believe in yourself. You Got This! (I have this written on a small whiteboard on the refrigerator door, and I read it daily) it helps.

2. Meet Like-Minded People

I feel at my best when I’m around people that share similar interest. We encourage each other to learn new things, try new things. If you are hanging around people that don’t get you, it’s time to let go. What do you like to do? Make a list, find groups in your community that share the same interest. Get out more! The worst thing you can do is to isolate yourself, stay connected. Do not be afraid to reach out and take the initiative.

3. Practice Gratitude

When you have a grateful heart and attitude, you will soon feel differently. Create a gratitude journal, try it. Pause and give thanks. I am confident that if you look around, many things deserve a nice big thank you. There is something about gratitude that shifts everything around you. Like with anything, start small.

In summary, take a deep breath and repeat to yourself that it is ok. If your ex, your friend, even a loved one is not meant to be in your life, let go because you deserve better. You are powerful, and you are not your emotions. Take action and take control of your feelings. I’m Coach Barb, contact me for a complimentary coaching session.

What would be possible in your life if you took control of your emotions? Feel free to leave a comment.

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