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Fear, The Self Created Feeling

"The eagle has no fear of adversity. We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror!" Joyce Meyer

The topic nobody wants to face, yet we face it all the time. Having fear is debilitating, sometimes embarrassing yet it happens. Fear is a self-created feeling that takes control of our minds and our bodies. Analyze it; it’s perceived reality, you think that it’s real, but it’s not. It’s your mind taking you into a negative output that’s not even happening.

Fear is a topic very dear to me, I have struggled with it practically my entire adult life, wait I’ll go as far back as my teenage years. A long time, I was afraid of everything. I finally learned that I had control of my thoughts, and that meant that I overcame fear. It took me a long time; however, it was worth the process. Through research, study, and practice, I made it happen. You might ask, “you don’t fear anymore?” my answer is yes I do experience fear, it creeps up from time to time, but it’s much less, and I have control over my thoughts now. To me, that’s the goal to learn how to deal with things, grow, and keep ongoing. I will forever be learning, and I am making it my mission to teach everything I learn.

We are all connected in this world, and it is best to realize what is causing fear and work directly with it. Remember, nobody is responsible for your fear, it’s all you. Below I will share with you how I overcame fear; It’s what I still do. I hope you find it useful. Try it.

Steps To Overcome Fear

1. Identify What Is Causing The Fear

Your body is your compass; what are you feeling? Is your heart racing? Are you sweating? When you see that you are reacting physically and you are afraid, identify the why fast. Take deep breaths and write down what thoughts are causing it. For instance, I use to think about negative scenarios that were not even happening. My imagination would take me for a ride. Identify the cause.

2. Interrupt Your Thoughts

Interrupting your thoughts will take some time to get used too, but when you do it consistently, it becomes second nature. Say “Stop” this thought is not supporting me right now. Be on purpose, be bold, and interrupt that nasty thought.

3. Redirect Your Thoughts

Now it’s time to guide your thoughts to a better feeling place. Think of anything that brings a smile to your face. Do something different, look up to the sky describe what you are seeing. Focus on something completely different. Redirecting your thoughts works, it takes lots of practice, but it works. Till this day, I do this exercise.

In summary, My clients have shared with me that these little exercises work for them, and that makes me happy. That’s what I’m here for, to guide you into a better feeling place. If you would like a complimentary coaching session, contact me today.

What do you think your life would be like with less fear?

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