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Be Wise When Choosing Your Beliefs

"Be brave and take accountability for your thoughts and beliefs." Jennifer Hyman

What do you believe? Imagine this, everything you see in the world is your reflection. Because you are continually living in the world, you are thinking of. Belief is when you confirm something in your mind and also confirm it in your heart. If what you are experiencing is not to your liking, start to focus on what brings you joy. This life seems to be complicated, but it’s straightforward. Eliminate things in your life that does not resonate with your core beliefs.

As I continue to learn new things, I will always gravitate to that which fills my heart. I have found a remarkable prayer, that originated in Hawaii, and it’s what I believe in. It’s a part of my life, and that’s what keeps me at peace. That’s my belief, and I love the way I feel when I meditate and connect with divinity. I encourage you to find that belief that makes you happy. Find peace in your heart; you won’t regret it. The more I explore and read books, it becomes right for me.

We are all connected, and when we operate from the heart, we can feel the connection. Below I will share with you how to connect with your beliefs.

Connecting To Your Beliefs

1. Explore

Whether it’s a place of worship, connecting with the arts, spending time in nature. Find that one thing that helps you fall in love with the feeling of being connected. For me, are my meditation and the cleansing prayers.

2. Devote Time

Find the time to connect, go for that nature walk, go to church, go to that museum. Meditate, read a book. For anything to work, you must get it done. Take action and start devoting some time to what connects you with what makes you feel good.

3. Be Consistent

It’s not an action you do once and let it go. Believe in what you have chosen and do it consistently. When you start doing the repeated work, it will become a non-negotiable. For me, my one non-negotiable is meditation.

In summary, what you believe in creates your reality. Be wise in what you choose to believe in. I’m Coach Barb, contact me for a complimentary coaching session.

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