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3 Simple Tips On How To Choose Better Feeling Words

“Raise your word, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” Rumi

Do you think the words you choose affect you? We always somehow forget the power that each word has on us. Words can change your perception of things, since they carry a vibration, and are energy, the words you use can have a positive or negative effect on you.

I do not particularly appreciate labeling people or myself when it comes to communicating, but I can’t help but notice that being raised in a Cuban family, we tend to get heated quickly in an argument or a simple discussion. That’s how I’ve seen the different vibrations that words carry; I don’t feel good after a heated conversation with a family member. The beauty of my experience is that I am still learning how to become aware quickly of how I’m feeling and taking control of my emotions and choosing better feeling words.

The problem we face is that we are focusing on words that hurt us; I look fat, this makes me look stupid, or I’m not good enough. Those words are hurtful to ourselves. How about when we respond with anger? We are hurting others sometimes knowingly or unknowingly. We need to change, but how do we do that? It’s not easy, and it takes practice. Below you will find three simple tips to help you start choosing better feeling words.

3 Simple Tips


First, you need to start becoming aware of how you are feeling in a conversation. Are you starting to get defensive? Do you feel the need to scream or yell? If that’s what’s happening to you, it’s time to notice, stop yourself from continuing and walk away.


Second, after you managed to walk away, practice taking deep intentional breaths. Breath in and count to seven, hold it and count to seven, release your breath counting to seven and hold it for another count of seven. Then regroup your thoughts and choose a different approach the next time you have a discussion.


Third, write down your experience, picture yourself having that same conversation but this time you are in total control. Find words that are healing, words that vibrate love, kindness, and confidence. The higher vibrating words and actions that you choose the better you will feel.

In summary, if you are intentional with choosing the right words, you will feel so much better, and the energy and vibration you will feel will help you live a beautiful life. I’m Coach Barb contact me today to schedule a free Life Coaching session.

What would be possible in your life if you took control of the words that you choose?

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