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The Importance Of Unplugging Every Once In A While

"New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It's all about how people choose to use it." David Wong

How many times have you checked your social media and emails today? We are always connected in some way social media, email, the phone we are always plugged in. There are times that we aren’t present neglecting family, friends, and even ourselves because we are always on our phones. I bet you feel upset because you want to put the phone down but you can’t. We are addicted to the notifications, the constant distraction, and technology as a whole.

I’m always connected, and that’s what inspired me to write this blog post. I’m working on creating balance in my life. I am constantly checking my emails, and I can’t stand the red bubble notification telling me I have messages and updates. I’m going to share with you what I started doing in the past couple of weeks to unplug and be more present. Full disclosure, this is a work in progress.

I noticed I had a slight problem when I became aware of the number of times any social media interruption hijacked my life. My work requires me to be on the internet, social media, and my phone. And also, building my Coach Barb Brand requires me to be active on social media daily. How can I create balance? Below I will share with you the three tactics that have helped me be less distracted and more present in life.


I am putting my phone down and completely silencing it, not vibrating Silent. After I make my important family calls, my last engagement with followers, the never-ending scrolls I put my phone on Silent and lay it face down.

Family Time

After dinner as a family, we go for a walk, watch Netflix, or play board games. I might be the only one without a phone, but I noticed that when I do have the phone, I take a quick photo to post on IG, because how else am I going to capture that moment? Remember when I said this was a work in progress? The point here is that I’m not scrolling, the phone is down, and I’m present. If it’s silent, I won’t hear it ring, and I will return the call.

Read A Book

Blocking time to read is my favorite, and I do put the phone down to read. I like to be present and take notes. I read books on personal development, nutrition, and spiritual. I am keeping my mind thinking creatively. Reading is my favorite time.

*Feel Refreshed, Recharged & Reconnected by unplugging every once in awhile.

In summary, I put all of this in place in the evening because that’s when I was most distracted. I do have the best morning routine, and I don’t check my emails until late morning. My unplugging times are early in the morning until I have to start work, and in the evenings before retiring. I have found that it’s been helpful. If you need coaching on acquiring balance and learn to unplug schedule your Free Coaching Call. OK, have to go I just got a text! 😀

What would be possible in your life if you unplugged from technology every once in awhile? Leave a comment.

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Thank you!


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