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The Sudden Pause

Our Earth is healing, think of the things you need to let go of and make room for what matters; family, the home you live in, this sudden pause made you sit inside your home and value what home means. Our Mother Earth is calling for us to remain calm. Practicing social distancing creates space between those that are toxic and those that cause us pain. It's time to breathe; it's time to stop and look at your home, enjoy what you have and need; value food, the essentials; back to basics; even though technology reins, that too can go in the blink of an eye. The sudden pause brought us back to what matters; To have peace on Earth.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Change is constant

  2. Family above all

  3. Prepare

  4. Always be ready

  5. Do not let fear guide

  6. Consciousness is real

  7. Spirituality matters

  8. Peace matters

  9. Spend time in nature

This sudden pause happened to clear, cleanse, and make way for a better tomorrow. To live a more simplified life, to return to nature, to return to love. The fast-moving pace we once lived came to a screeching halt. As the virus spreads, the less we do, the more we gain. #Stay Home.

My heart goes out to all the lives lost and loved ones who are suffering because of this invisible enemy. I pray for all those affected. Mahalo.

Love & Light,

Coach Barb

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