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Quiet Your Mind In 2 Minutes

Relax Your Mind & Body

Aloha - To Meditate or Relax your mind and your body, all you need is a comfortable space, a timer, and relaxing music.

I've been meditating for many years; I understand what it's like to sit, close your eyes and be interrupted by a constant chatter in your brain like my cousin likes to say "Having a committee" that won't stop in your head not letting you concentrate or be still. Good news, that's normal.

I recommend starting small, your first couple of days, then weeks focus on meditating for two minutes; that's it.

Let's see what it looks like...

Take a slow deep breath, imagine your breath coming up your spine to the top of your head, now hold it for five seconds, then slowly exhale and relax. Do that exercise for two minutes, when your timer goes off, wait three seconds, and open your eyes. Every time you feel stressed, confused, rushed, take two minutes for yourself, and quiet your mind.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you tried it and how you felt. Until next time.

Much Love & Mahalo,

Coach Barb

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