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5 Ways To Let Go To Find Peace In Your Life

Why are you staying in a toxic relationship? What is the purpose? Have you found yourself in a negative situation you know it’s time to let go? But you are still there. The fear that you are experiencing is keeping you from moving forward. The good news is that there is a way to move forward and feel good about it.

I have the ability to understand what works for me and what doesn’t. How do I do this? My transformation happened when I showed up spiritually and started listening to my inner guides. I know when something or someone is not serving me. From my career, the place where I live and the people I meet. I can let go, surrender and find peace. Below I will share with you what works for me in hopes to open up a venue for you to overcome feeling stuck.

Why are you afraid? Walk away from what is not serving you. If what you are doing is not making you smile let it go. Don’t let your fear get in the way, let fear be the indicator that its time. You will soon realize that after you decide to do great things for yourself, you will feel great again. Start small, but get started.

1. Replace Fear With Love

Fear is keeping you from your purpose. Make the decision to face what scares you most. For example, your sweetheart walked away; it is time to let go. Stop looking for something that is not there. Just acknowledge the fear and stop. The way to replace fear with love is to be kind to yourself. With love in your heart turn your fear into a strength by believing you can.

2. Listen To Your Gut

What is your gut telling you? Then that’s the direction you need to take. You will find peace by looking and knowing what is right for you. Your gut knows. For example, if your gut is telling you that your friend is emotionally draining you, let that friend go. It is for your own peace of mind.

3. Connect With Your Spirituality

Pray or meditate but get related to a higher source. When you align your energy with prayer and meditation, good things start happening. You can start with ten to fifteen minutes a day. Your goal is to be inspired. Let go by giving into spirituality.

4. Visualize Change

See it. Take a journal and write freely imagining your life without the problem. Do you currently have a vision board? Make one, take pictures that resonate with you and visualize the outcome. When you see it, you will feel it. When you feel it, you will manifest it. Keep at it and feel good about your change.

5. Believe In Yourself

Find the momentum and let go. You have what it takes, it all starts with believing in yourself. Just chase what you love, and let go of the all the toxic people and situations in your life. You have what it takes, you are amazing.

In summary, remember that you have the choice, the control, and the power. Just give it a chance and make the necessary changes in your life to find the peace you deserve. Hope you enjoyed this week's post. Please share with your friends on your social media.

Much Love,

Coach Barb, C.P.C

What small step are you willing to do for that change?

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