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Learning, Living and Going With The Flow

Life has a funny way of showing you how to be more present. What hurdles do you need to jump to feel complete, whole, and in control? I thought I’d share how this past week has helped me overcome some minor setbacks and how I extracted lessons from my everyday life. I know you want details, but I’m going to spare the details to save us some time. Blogs teach, engage, and solve world problems, or at least you hope they do. But today, I will share some insights to help you determine what direction you need to take.

Want to learn how to be more patient?

Do you believe that you live in a vibrational world?

How do disappointment and loss help you grow?

Three fantastic questions to take you through this week. How do you handle such matters? Here let me help.

Being Patient

If you want to learn how to be more patient, be true to yourself. Stop complaining and live your life authentically. Take deep breaths, smile more, and enjoy nature. Think this through, being patient simply means to be present, live the moment and stop rehashing the past and only look towards the future with hope, not despair.

What Is A Vibrational World?

Think of this; what you feel is vibration. You feel anger; you are vibrating anger. You feel joy; you are vibrating pleasure. Think of this; what you think you vibrate and attract. If you don’t believe this, it doesn’t matter because it’ll happen even if you don’t believe it. That goes for me, for you and the person next to you. When you start learning how to shift your vibration to a better feeling place, magical things will start happening.

Grow Despite The Loss

You are sitting in a pile of mud, it’s dark, and it’s dense. You lost, it feels just muddy, and if you look deep enough, you will find the lesson, and you learn. Start paying attention to the experiences and start looking beyond the loss.

So many lessons this past week, and I’m happy to share them with you. Don’t forget; it’s all about how you feel. Not what you are saying, it’s what you are feeling. Can’t stress this enough.

listening, coaching and teaching,

Coach Barb

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