As a coach you opened up my horizons and abilities I’m able to see my hidden potential Within. I now have strength and have no fear to go for what I want to achieve. You have followed up numerous times unexpectedly and feel such great gratitude for my growth and abilities. Thank you so much for waking up all my senses to listen to speak and see what I was not able to see before. Thank you!! *Fernie


It's been short over a year since I've been coached by coach Barb. It's hasn't always been smooth sailing for most of us and she can always make you see life with a positive outlook. Her tips are always helpful for everyday life situations. I highly recommend her to anyone who's trying to find alignment and be in that right path. *Claudia 

Thank you Coach Barb, for helping me out when I needed it.  You helped me find my strength just when I thought I lost it.  All the guidance and exercises that have given me through our sessions have really helped me a lot.  I’m so glad that I had you in my life when I was going through such a difficult time. You have found your calling helping others.  *Mayra 


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